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Music Biz 2017 - Day 3 Blog

Day 3 of Music Biz 2017 was packed with Brand Strategy, Education, Awards, and Spotify's Troy Carter. So, be prepared to get educated, on how to strategies your brand, to one day be like Spotify's Troy Carter, and win an award like Music Millenium's Terry Currier and Universal Music Group's Mike Dungan.

  • Audio has the power to transport feelings. If you want to have something to brand make sure it's hot! Strategizing any partnership starts with your song and how does it connect with people.
  • If you are interested in getting in the VR space it's not about the content, it's about the experience. Make sure when your consumer puts their VR headgear on they say, WOW!
  • As you build your brand adopt early rituals to be a part of your story to tell with other brands.
Thursday, May 18, 2017

Music Biz 2017 - Day 2 Blog

Day 2 of Music Biz 2017 featured a great amount of seminars from top speakers in the industry. There where numerous workshops that covered a wide range of topics connected to the importance of the music industry; Career Development workshops, Metadata Summit, Music's Global Explosion, and a feature presentation from Music's Leading Ladies.

Here are my biggest take aways from todays event.

  • Don't be afraid to DREAM. An incredible artist named Saul Paul, from Houston, TX, gave a talk about how important it is to dare to dream and believe in yourself. Nobody is going to help you if you don't help yourself. So dream it, rise up to it, expect it to happen, acheive it, and stay motivated.
  • All the youngsters out there looking for a career in the music industry, get an internship and learn as
Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Music Biz 2017 - Day 1 Blog

Now that Music Biz 2017 has kicked off, I have decided to share my experience from this years informative music conference organized by the Music Business Association. The first day of the conference provided two avenues for attendees; an Entertainment & Technology Law Conference, and a Digital Service Workshop. Each day I will give my biggest take aways from the days event.

The entertainment law seminar covered a range of topics that are very critical to todays legal landscape.

  • ISP (Internet Service Providers) has a stronghold on the music industry. Though we don't here much from our internet service providers and what parts they play in the game, they have a lot of power.
  • As much slack as Spotify gets for not paying artists, they still pay three times as much as YouTube.
Monday, May 15, 2017

AT SoundZ at Music Biz 2017

For the second year in a row AT SoundZ will represent Higher Than 7 Productions at Music Biz 2017 in Nashville, TN. 

Music Biz is the premier annual event organized by the Music Business Association. It will take place from May 15 - May 18 at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel in Nashville. This years event include expert panels from the music and tech sectors, networking opportunities with industry leading executives, and a look into the future of the music industry. 

AT SoundZ will write a blog everyday for this years event to highlight the biggest keys from the workshops and seminars, to the latest music and tech industry developments.  

For more information on Music Biz 2017 visit

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Who Wants To Star In A Movie? - Second Taping

A second taping has been shot for the new season of, Who Wants To Star In A Movie? The show where actors and actresses perform 60-90 seconds of their best monologue in front of judges for a chance to star in a movie. Congratulations to Marc Holladay for winning, he advances to the finals which will air live in October on PhillyCAM. The final winner will be voted by the live studio audience and viewers watching from home through social media. Next taping will be May 26. If you are interested in participating, please email a headshot and resume to Here is a look into the very first season of, Who Wants To Star In A Movie?

Sunday, May 14, 2017

OLDHEAD Season 2 - Out Now!!

Higher Than 7 Productions is proud to announce the release of OLDHEAD Season 2, from Writer & Director Tony Chennault. This season raises the stakes. It's a war, so make sure you choose your "Oldhead" wisely. Download the entire season here

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Who Wants To Star In A Movie? - New Season Begins Taping

Taping has begun for a new season of, Who Wants To Star In A Movie?. The show allows actors and actresses perform 60-90 seconds of their best monologue in front of judges, Tony Chennault (Writer and Director), Christina May (Acting Coach), and Nakia Dillard (Actor and Aikan Acts Academy), for a chance to star in their own movie, written and directed by, AT SoundZ. Hosted By: Charles Gregory. Congratutlations to Michael Young for advancing to the next round. Next taping will be May 12. Stay tuned for more info. Check out the first season, Who Wants To Star In A Movie? Created by: AT SoundZ. Picture by: Anthony Reed Jr.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Who Wants To Star In A Movie? Taping, April 21

Attention all Actors & Actresses, Higher Than 7 Prodcutions is having a new season of, Who Wants To Star In A Movie? Taping is on Friday, April 21st 4-8pm at PhillyCAM Studios on 699 Ranstead Street, Philadelphia PA.  Check out the first season of, Who Wants To Star In A Movie? won by Julia Abreu. She will appear in two Higher Than 7 Productions, The Choice Is Yours & Oldhead Season 2, dropping Summer 2017.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Dappolis Releases New Album - Like Water

Dappolis releases his new album, Like Water, an instrumental interpration of falling out of love. Listen as Dappolis's music takes you through his wave of life, Like Water! You can listen to the album here

Monday, December 5, 2016

Production has begun for The Choice Is Yours

Julia Abreu, the winner of the new TV Show, Who Wants To Star In A Movie? stars as the lead role in a new short film, "The Choice Is Yours". Production for the suspense thriller has begun.

Written and directed By AT SoundZ.

Thursday, November 10, 2016