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Music Biz 2017 - Day 2 Blog

Day 2 of Music Biz 2017 featured a great amount of seminars from top speakers in the industry. There where numerous workshops that covered a wide range of topics connected to the importance of the music industry; Career Development workshops, Metadata Summit, Music's Global Explosion, and a feature presentation from Music's Leading Ladies.

Here are my biggest take aways from todays event.

  • Don't be afraid to DREAM. An incredible artist named Saul Paul, from Houston, TX, gave a talk about how important it is to dare to dream and believe in yourself. Nobody is going to help you if you don't help yourself. So dream it, rise up to it, expect it to happen, acheive it, and stay motivated.
  • All the youngsters out there looking for a career in the music industry, get an internship and learn as much as possible about the different facets of the industry. In this industry opportunities can come in any form, and being as well rounded and educated as possible will benefit you the best. Always mainatin a good rapport with everyone you come across. If people like you, they will help you. This is an industry built on relationship.
  • For entrepreneurs looking to start their own business in the music industry, find a solution to a problem. Building technology, and being innovative will always keep you ahead of the curve.
  • If you don't know what Metadat is, learn it. Metadata is the key to keeping track of all your records, especially if you want to get paid.
  • Data is the most important thing when it comes to understanding your consumer and building brand relationships. However, remeber quality content is king and is what breaks artists, so trust your gut feeling.
  • The biggest live event engagement method is FREE STUFF. No matter where you are in the world if you have a festival and want to maximize your attendees experience, free swag is the best.
  • China is a huge emerging market in the music industry, and could possibly be the biggest spender of music in 20 years. So, if you are an artist and want to break into the Chinese market, utilize Chinese platforms. Lookup Tencent QQ, Netease, and Xiami.
  • Hispanics are the largest ethnic minority in the US. If you are a brand and want to connect effectively with latin consumers, think technology, live events, and content. And if you are a latin artist and want to break into different latin markets, collaborate with other artists from those markets to elevate your brand.
  • Statistics show that the top female artists are more marketable that their male counterparts. According to Nielsen, 76% of americans are aware of the top female artists, while 54% of americans are aware of top male artists.

Pictured above is Julie Greenwald, COO of Atlantic Records, and Atlantic Records recording artist, Kelly Clarkson.

Come back tomorrow to get my Day 3 overview of Music Biz 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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