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SOURCE 360 - L. Londell McMillian

If you want to understand the overall culture of Hip Hop in 2015, the place to start is the SOURCE 360 in Brooklyn, NY. The SOURCE 360 Festival is a cultural and community celebration that covers the seven pillars of Hip Hop: Art, Music, Film and Television, Fashion, Dance, Sports, and Technology.

Northstar Group, L. Londell McMillian welcomes guests to SOURCE 360, at The BRIC in Brooklyn, NY.  

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Panama's president Juan Carlos Varela to visit Philadelphia

Udini La Voz and Panamanian officials are preparing for Panama's President Juan Carlos Varela's trip to Philadelphia during Pope Francis' visit. The Panamanian President's office held a press conference in Penns Landing, Philadelphia to discuss ways to improve life for Panamanians living in the USA. Udini La Voz will be representing the Latin artist community living in America. Be on the lookout for more news of Udini La Voz and President Juan Carlos Varela.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Etiquette in NY: Conversations with Bereolaesque

Enitan Bereola II has taken the classic concept of manners and made it sexy, again! He penned the award-winning & best-selling book, BEREOLAESQUE: The Contemporary Gentleman & Etiquette book for the Urban Sophisticate (Authorhouse). His newest best-seller, GENTLEWOMAN: Etiquette for a Lady, from a Gentleman (The Bereolaesque Group) is the #1 Etiquette Advice Guide on Amazon for the 45th week. 

The Rooftop at Empire Hotel in NYC hosted the best-selling author for a intimate evening with fans to converse, take pictures, and sign his award-winning book.

Higher Than 7 presents an evening of Etiquette for a Gentlewoman, from a Gentleman!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Udini La Voz x Philly Pitch Black Block Party

Udini La Voz performs live at a Summer block party in Philly with the Philly Pitch Black Band. Below is the track list from Udini's live set, all songs are featured on Barrio Love

  1. Intro (Barrio)
  2. That's So Me
  3. Amo A Mi Panama
Monday, September 21, 2015

Irish Boxing Show on Higher Than 7

If you want to be great at anything, you better be ready to fight for it!

Live from Canstatter's in Philadelphia, PA, with the one and only world class ring announcer, Nino Del Buono, is the annual Irish Boxing Show presented by Higher Than 7.

Harrowgate Boxing Club's John Gallagher and Charley Sgrillo founded the Irish Boxing Show 15 years ago, which matches top amateur fighters from Belfast, Northern Ireland against top amateur fighters from Philadelphia, USA. With the support of legendary boxing trainer Gerry Storey out of Holy Family Boxing Club in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the Irish Boxing Show has become one of the best organized amateur fighting events in the world.  

Featured Fights:

  1. Harrowgate - Katie Olszewski VS. Holy Family - Shannon Mc Kenna
  2. Harrowgate - Javier Oquedo VS. Holy Family - Pat Faloon 
  3. Harrowgate - Romuel Cruz VS. Holy Family - Carl McKevnan
  4. Harrowgate - Ricardo Ortiz VS. Holy Family - Niall McAlinden 
  5. Harrowgate - Jeremy Cuevas VS. Holy Family - John Hale
  6. Harrowgate - Francis Oran VS. Holy Family - Martin Stokes
  7. Harrowgate - Sammy Allay VS. Holy Family - Michael Matthews
  8. Harrowgate - Ray Garcia VS. Holy Family - Corrie Stewart
  9. Harrowgate - Rasheed Johnson VS. Holy Family - Fergus Quinn

Enjoy The Fight!!

Udini La Voz Rips Panama Fest

Udini La Voz and Philly Pitch Black performed in front of packed crowd during Maryland's Panama Fest 2015. The event was filled with culture, food, and some of the best Panamanian artists on the East Coast. Udini La Voz performed his hit single "Amo A Mi Panama" with the band, Philly Pitch Black. 

Stay tuned for more Udini La Voz news and updates, including the release of his 2015 mixtape Papi Season 1 & 2 scheduled to be released in October.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"Worm" wins 2015 FULL COURT 21™ World Final

He came, he saw, he conquered. Japanese basketball sensation, Tomoya "Worm" Ochiai, made the 7,000 mile trek from Tokyo, Japan to the mecca of basketball, New York City, with one goal in mind - be world champion.

In a day filled with basketball, community, and love, "Worm" was not going to be denied his destiny to be Bobbito Garcia's 2015 FULL COURT 21™ World Champion.

Special shout out to all the world finalist who played their hearts out, especially Philadelphia FULL COURT 21™ Champion Jesse Washington, who lost to "Worm" in a nail biting overtime shoot-out in the World Final Qualifier. A special Higher Than 7 shout out goes to Bobbito Garcia for putting together a world class event that featured New York Knicks, John Wallace, and New York Liberty, Essence Carson.

Download the Trekker Live app to relive the world final.

Congratulations to Tomoya "Worm" Ochiai for being Bobbito Garcia's 2015 FULL COURT 21™ World Champion!

FULL COURT 21™ World Finals

The FULL COURT 21™ World Finals are on August 25 in New York City. There are men’s, women’s, and 40+ divisions and championship games will include each city's champion from the following cities: Philadelphia, Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, Mali, Vancouver, Toronto, New Zealand, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami. Jesse Washington will represent Philadelphia and is a heavy favorite to win the finals. The women’s division champion will be honored during halftime of the WNBA’s New York Liberty vs Minnesota Lynx game at Madison Square Garden on August 28.

The finals will be streamed live through the Trekker Live app.

Bobbito Garcia's one of a kind game transforms the traditional half court 21 game into an all-out full court battle to 21 points. It's a test of individual's skill, conditioning, and heart.

Check out for more info.

Udini La Voz - The FUNKtion

Udini La Voz at The Friday FUNKtion with DirtyFINGERS.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Barrio Love - Out NOW!

Get your digital copy of Barrio Love from iTunes, Google Play Store, or Only $9.99 for the whole double album of 18 tracks!


Wednesday, August 12, 2015